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Shopping Tour Guide $75

Initial consult not included – Must have Initial Consult first

This is only a 1 hr service. If we are not done by the end of the hour and you will like me to stay for the rest of the shopping trip my fee will be $15 for every 15 minutes increments, pass the hour)

Before we start…

Your Initial Consultation is a prerequisite to this service. As it will point in the right direction of what your current nutritional needs are.  This service is highly beneficial and recommended in jumpstarting your success in your new path to healing your body.  

Who is it for?

  • Had your Initial Consultation with me?


  • Been recommended a strict diet by your primary doctor?


  • Have an autoimmune condition or other diagnosis?


  • Do you have food allergies/sensitivities?


  • Simply don’t feel your very best (emotionally, mentally or physically)?
  • Do you have questions, concerns or hesitations in relation to eating?


  • Has the thought of not feeling well after eating crossed your mind?


  • Feeling confused about what else to eat?


  • Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start?

Whether for yourself, your children or entire family, a dietary change can be a great undertaking! Our emotions are deeply related to the food we eat and changing what we eat inadvertently will have a direct effect on our moods. However, implementing this change takes up a surge amount of energy. Replenishing your pantry with new groceries does not need to become an obstacle in your path to health (schedule your personal Pantry Cleaning today!). No need to feel alone in undertaking this task. I’m here to help!

Book Shopping Tour Guide and Pantry Cleaning Together

($30 savings!)

My role:

  • To assist and support your path to change!
  • To encourage, motivate and be an educational resource as needed.
  • To be positive, uplifting and innovative.


How it works:

  • We will look just like friends shopping together.
  • The discussions will be quiet and discreet as to not draw any unwanted attention.
  • I may point out beneficial products for your specific needs but mostly I enjoy answering your questions, regarding products you have in mind.
  • We will also discuss replacement alternatives for your favorite snacks and food choices which do not support your path to health.
  • We will walk through the store together and discuss the positive attributes of beneficial products. While keeping to the guidelines of your specific dietary needs as they relate to your current health situation.


You will be exposed to many new products you didn’t know existed and be surprised at all the possibilities available! You will realize that feeling good, never tasted so great!


The End Result:

  • You had a positive experience and feel at peace
  • Feel positive about trying out new products
  • Your questions and concerns are fully addressed
  • You feel empowered with new knowledge acquired