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The RESTART Program ~

5 Week Group Class $160

Within this 5 week Program we will experience the many benefits of of living a refined foods-free life.

We will spend 3 weeks which amounts to 21 days of refined food detox!

What this means for you?

  • More mental energy
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Reduction in joint pain
  • Less bloating
  •  Improve mind-body connection
  • Less body inflammation
  • Reduction of mucus
  • Not worrying about what to eat
  • Improve memory
  • Reduce irritability
  • Less waking up in the middle of the night
  • Less body pain
  • Less belching
  • Reduce mental fog

The Restart Program is the perfect solution to solve sugar & refined foods addictions in a group support setting!

Not only will you finish the program full of education tools in the form of handouts but it really is the best possible investment you will ever make! On top of that you will have this new acquired information to implement and share with your immediate family and friends.

If this is not enough motivation then consider that you will be immediately impacted through Restart in a very short period of time! Restart doesn’t stop at merely acquiring knowledge, though this is a strong cornerstone of Restart; Restart goes beyond acquiring and into immediate personal application.

WE will…

For 5 weeks we will undergo a transformative way of relating to food. For 3 weeks we will cleanse our bodies of sugar, refined and toxic consumptions.


We will learn coping tips and supportive lifestyle which will enhance and nourish your transformative process!


Through intellectual understanding, practical application and eye opening discussions related to food, Restart will begin a transformative journey in you from the inside out that you will keep for years to come!

YOU will…

Restart is very powerful when done in a supportive setting group of individuals who are collectively holding space for each other through the process of transformative changes to become realized!


Restart groups work and achieve results because it is based on an effect process which has proven to be successful and brings forth the desired results.


Restart is presented through teaching, relating, investigating and integrating.

Closed Groups:

Restart closed groups which are closed to the public is a powerful way to further strengthen a sense of community around a health conscious common goal.

Consider organizing a closed group for the following:

  • Church groups
  • Work organizations
  • Family – immediate and extended
  • Friends and community
  • And more…

Free Restart enrollment when…

Want to have a closed group Restart event? When you accrue 5+ participants, I will facilitate Restart in a close group setting, Restart will not be open to outside participants and your enrollment will be free of charge. We will work together to set up days and time of the week to meet, which may be the same or differ week by week.


Contact me to be added to the next class waitlist here.

Need more info? Visit https://therestartprogram.com