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What is Raindrop Therapy and how does it work?


Raindrop Therapy is a method to apply aromatherapy essential oils, dispensed liked “rain drops” to bring balance to the body, and wellness where you seek it. The treatment is based on ancient Native American concepts and can be used to treat a variety of ailments. The drizzling therapy technique has been in practice for centuries and can be administered as part of a naturalistic healing, not unlike crystal healing. The skill comes from the knowledge of which oils to use and the method in which they are applied to administer the treatment needed.


How is the Raindrop Method actually done?

Raindrop Therapy is administered by a process of specific hand techniques and therapeutic-grade essential oil applications. The oils are applied at the soles of the feet, the shin of lower leg, the back and vertebrae. Vitaflex is a hand technique used in Raindrop Therapy. Vitaflex means vitality through the reflexes, as was defined by Stanley West. Vitaflex works according to the idea of the human skin being piezoelectric. This means that a voltage is initiated at the slightest pressure applied to the skin.  Each released voltage can open and more directly access electrical communication via meridians in the body.  Vitaflex is one of the techniques applied to the feet, the shin and the spine as well. 


What is best for?

Because this method of treatment opens up the meridian pathways with therapeutic essential oils, it generally has a detoxifying effect emotionally, mentally and physically. It can also boost the immune system. Therefore, its healing effect in the body is vast and can vary from person to person. 


Past clients have reported positive healing results from receiving treatment. As reported from past clients, may help with the following: Back Pain, Cold or flu, euphoria, more energy, stress and anxiety, pain reduction, detox, scoliosis, sciatica, lower blood pressure, arthritis, migraines, re-occurring headaches, balance cholesterol, insomnia, allergies, respiratory congestion, depression, increase body movement and relief from chemotherapy symptoms. 


What is Raindrop Therapy Massage?

Raindrop Therapy is not considered massage, as is more focus on the application of specific healing techniques, rather than the manipulation of muscle or relaxation. The raindrop method encompasses oriental acupressure, reflexology, Native American healing techniques and aromatherapy.  


healer applying raindrop therapy

How often can you do Raindrop Therapy?

As with any other healing modality, it is a good idea to allow a certain period of time to pass by in between healing sessions. This time is important to allow the body of assimilate the healing that just took place. The body just received a healing session with powerful therapeutic grade essential oils. It can be difficult for the human brain to make sense of the healing that just took place in our 3 dimensional world view.   However, because of the way, techniques and specific select therapeutic oils chosen for this therapy; the healing that takes place is beyond what meets the eye.


How often to do Raindrop Therapy depends from person to person, the reason for inquiring the therapy and how long the reason has been there. For a few, one time will be healing and a pleasant satisfying session.  Others may want to continue weekly, biweekly or ones a month until the desire result is achieved.  Everyone is different and responds different to a healing session, therefore listening to and following the ques of the body is very important. Trust that your body will let you know when it is ready for another healing session. When your body is ready, is the best time for that session. As it is very important to give ample time for every session to integrate the healing that just took place. 


How much does it cost? 

The cost of Raindrop therapy can vary depending on the specific training, length of session and experience. Therefor a cost can range from $80 to $350 USD.  Take into consideration that the high therapeutic grade essential oils are expensive and are require for usage in the administration of an authentic Raindrop Therapy session. 


Why is Raindrop Therapy controversial?

There are many reasons why Raindrop Therapy is controversial from a scientific view.  The healing results vary from person to person. There haven’t been consistent studies done on repetitive basis and tracked. And there are no governmental standards established in North America for therapeutic grade essential oils. Although raindrop techniques may accomplish a specific healing according to the needs of the recipient, there are many times in which doesn’t.  Since the body heals in different layers, relieving most recent burdens first; when it comes to the healing process, the body is not interested in following guidelines to supply scientific consistent results, rather it listens to what the body needs and what the body is ready for at the time of a healing session. 


For example a person may come looking to relive a specific symptom and at the end of the session still has that symptoms, but feels overall better in other ways.  That symptom is no longer as overwhelming as it seemed at the beginning of the session.  This person may need a few more session of treatment, before reaching the layer of healing they are wishing to resolve. 


How to practice Raindrop Therapy safely?

Receive Raindrop Therapy safely from a facilitator who has been trained in Raindrop Therapy. The training in administering Raindrop Therapy safely is highly recommended and the trainee will know how to best support any healing reactions that come up during the session.


Essential Oils in Raindrop Therapy

essential oils being used in raindrop therapy

Essential oil safety tips


Using high therapeutic essential oils are required to administer Raindrop Therapy.  The goal of Raindrop Therapy is to bring healing to the body; therefore administering the Technique with oils derived from toxic plants would defeat the purpose of healing.  These Therapeutic oils must be directly distilled from plants grown wild and are organic in nature.  These plants must be free of chemical fertilization, herbicides and pesticides. The oils are extracted by steam distillation at very low temperature and pressure, without any chemical solvents. Nothing should be removed or added from the oils when bottled. All this to emphasize the importance that Raindrop Therapy is highly dependent on the usage of high therapeutic essential oils for the safety of the recipient.


How to handle a bad reaction from Raindrop Therapy

Bad reactions are best handled by being kind to the body. Understand that reactions in Raindrop Therapy are Healing Reactions. Some Healing reactions that may be experienced are:  skin burning sensation, skin rash, nausea, headache, tiredness.  These are all the ways the body is handling the detoxification that’s taking place in the body after the healing session. Some rest and plenty of hydration are some great ways in which the body can be helped in alleviating the symptoms of a Healing Reaction.