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Quantum Touch and What It Is Good For


Quantum Touch is an ancient form of balancing and revitalizing the body. It falls under the homeopathic umbrella of healing not unlike crystal healing, nutritional therapy, or Raindrop Therapy


What is Quantum Touch? 

Throughout time Quantum Touch has been known under many different names. Some other name it often goes by are Body Energy Flow (BEF), Healing Hands, Lying on of Hands, Healing Touch, and many more. For the purpose of this blog we will call Quantum Touch and Body Energy Flow (BEF) one in the same thing, as I feel “Body Energy Flow” is the most descriptive name for what quantum therapy entails.


How does Quantum Touch Body Energy Flow work?

BEF works by the facilitation of a trained practitioner in energy flow, holding space for the recipient.  By holding space I mean, the practitioner has had some training in the art of meditation, stillness of the mind and accessing a heart center space.  Although this is not absolutely necessary, it does improve the flow of energy.  When presence awareness is activated, the process is nurtured. This presence awareness is best held in a mind which is completely in the present moment and undisrupted by thoughts of the past, future events or lists to do. When the mind is still, the heart is activated. Therefore, it can be said the Body Energy Flow is a center, heart activated flowing energy.


When the heart is activated and the mind is quiet, the practitioner can more easily connect with the universal energy. Keep in mind that despite our bodies growing old and feeble day by day, energy’s law is that it is neither created nor destroyed, merely transferred. Therefore, where is all the energy when we are sick and weak and where can we get more?


There is an unlimited and unconditional amount of energy in the universe and guess what? We are in that universe as well! Therefore quieting the mind takes less effort than we think and the energy of the mind is quite limited compared to the universal energy. Quieting the mind, gives us access to the heart. It does take some energy within the body to make this jump from the mind to the heart and when the body is sick, it lacks the energy needed to change this pattern. This is where BEF through a practitioner can be a wonderful start! 


The essence of Quantum Touch / BEF is twofold. One aspect of it is the practitioner accessing this quietness of mind, where no judgment or shame prevails and where unlimited and heartfelt compassion for the client is harnessed.  In this place the practitioner through can energetically sense with their hands the energetic body of the client.  This is the place where excess and lack of energy will be balanced through transference.  The practitioner will specifically sense the energy systems of the chakras and shift the energy where is needed while removing excess accumulated energy from other areas. 


This shift of energy will help the energy body of the client enter into a hemostasis state of wellbeing. Another way the practitioner will assist the client while in this heart centered space is that the practitioner is sensitive enough to sense universal energy. This is why the practitioner must be in this very heart center space, so that loving energy may flow through the practitioner and to the recipient. In this way, it can be said the practitioner becomes a vessel of energy flow on behalf of the recipient. 


What is Quantum Touch good for?

Body Energy Flow is good for recalibrating the body back to a state of homeostasis. A body that is out of homeostasis is a body that is sick with a variety of symptoms. The body is constantly trying to achieve homeostasis through the expression of these symptoms. When these symptoms are suppressed do to their discomfort, the body is confused and many times shift the symptomatology energy into a chronic or mental/behavioral one. 


Recalling our basic law of energy that is neither created nor destroyed, suppressing symptoms does not return the body to homeostasis, it only shifts the expression of energy to a different place. Therefore, suppression of symptoms is never a good approach to relief the discomforts of illness expression. 


However, Body Energy Flow works in consort with the expressive language of the symptoms to help them achieve hemostasis. In hemostasis the symptoms disappear and can heal naturally from achieving this state of balance! Therefore Body Energy Flow is highly beneficial to all illness related to emotional, mental, physical and environment stress which has shifted the body out of its homeostasis energy balance.  In particular it has shown to be successful in preparation and recovery of surgery, emotional and physical traumas, undergoing life transitions, life crises, grief, depression and anxiety. 


quantum touch holding hand

How long does it take for it to work?

Body Energy Flow is a very personal experience. It will work within the first session and it will achieve further results with more sessions received.  Just as the body did not shift out of balance one, two or three times alone, but many repetitive energetic shifts took place before symptoms were expressed; so also Quantum Therapy will take several sessions to thoroughly return the entire body within all its layers back into homeostasis balance.


The body is very complex within the spectrum of what we can see but there another spectrum of the body which is unseen to the naked eye. Much of the Body Energy Flow is practiced in these unseen fields of the body and the result is felt on the physical body. Therefore how long it takes BEF to work depends highly on the recipient; how long the symptoms have been present and how many sessions the recipient receives. The numbers of sessions vary from person to person but relief of some sort has been reported and will be undoubtedly experienced with each session. 


How often can you do Body Energy Flow?


Body energy flow is recommended weekly for best results and twice a week in extreme acute situations.  It’s important to allow the body time to integrate the energy shift that took place. This time of integration is different for every person. Therefore, personal discretion is recommended for spacing Body Energy Flow sessions.  Return to a session once you feel you have fully integrated your preview session.  The work taking place may seem incremental but with time these increments add up and the breakthroughs in healing are well worth the time invested in Body Energy Flow sessions.