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Pantry Cleaning

Initial consult not included – Must have Initial Consult first

This is only a 1 hr service. If we are not done by the end of the hour and you will like me to stay and complete the Pantry Cleaning, my fee will be $15 for every 15 minutes increments, pass the hour

Before we start…

Your Initial Consultation is a prerequisite to this service. As it will point in the right direction of what your current nutritional needs are. This service is highly beneficial and recommended in jumpstarting your success in your new path to healing your body.

Who is it for?

The ideal candidate for pantry cleaning is one who is ready to take their health seriously.


Have you recently:

  • Had your Initial Consultation with me?


  • Been recommended a strict diet by your primary doctor?


  • Have an autoimmune condition or other diagnosis?


  • Do you have food allergies/sensitivities?


  • Simply don’t feel your very best (emotionally, mentally or physically)?
  • Do you have questions, concerns or hesitations in relation to eating?


  • Has the thought of not feeling well after eating crossed your mind?


  • Feeling confused about what else to eat?


  • Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start?

Book Pantry Cleaning and Shopping Tour Guide Together

($30 savings!)

My role:

Then this Pantry cleansing is a must for you. This task can feel overwhelming in the midst of so many other dietary changes taking place. This doesn’t have to be the case, you don’t have to do this alone. We can do this together or I can do it and we can review the changes at the end. You’re welcome to participate in the Pantry Cleaning up to your comfort level. I will be your motivator and nutritional support. I will share my nutritional knowledge and my favorite products I have personally adopted over the years which are in accordance with your personal needs (more in depth at my Shopping Tour Guide. Sign up together to receive a discount!).


How it works:

I will recommend some items to completely get rid of and will discuss the reasons why with you at the end. We will designate a special cover or box for items that can stay but used sparingly. Lastly if time allows we will discuss alternative items that can replace those items which don’t support your health.


The End Result:

A health friendly Pantry to nourish your body. This pantry will be a safe place where you can eat anything in its content. No longer wondering what you can and can’t eat. Will take the guesswork out of eating. This pantry will be stocked up with your favorite body nourishing and satisfying foods, for you! You can start feeling better about what you eat, knowing that anything you cook in your kitchen serves and nourishes your body from the inside out!