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Safe Food Pantry & Shopping Guide!

Transitions are difficult.  This is especially true when it comes to your health. This is why I’m offering these 2 Services to support you while undergoing nutritional changes in your life. I do this because I remember when I made the transition to gluten free. It was hectic, emotional and exhausting! Your experience will be positive, nurturing and supportive!

Benefits include:

  • Will take the guesswork out of eating.
  • No longer wondering what you can and can’t eat.
  • A health friendly Pantry that nourishes your body.
  • This pantry will be a safe place where you can eat anything in its content.
  • This pantry will be stocked up with your favorite body nourishing and satisfying foods, for you
  • Look forward to trying out new products. 
  • Your questions and concerns will be fully addressed.
  • You feel confident with new nutrition knowledge acquired.
  • You can start feeling secure about what you eat, knowing that anything you cook in your kitchen serves and nourishes your body from the inside out!
  • Feeling safe and at peace with holistic products to for your and your family. 
  • You will be exposed to many new products you didn’t know existed and be surprised at all the possibilities available! You will realize that feeling good, never tasted so great!

Clearing out favorite foods and shopping for new products can feel overwhelming while also adding a new dietary plan. This doesn’t have to be the case, you don’t have to do this alone. We can do this together, I will be your ally. I will get you started quickly, smoothly and efficiently so that you can get to the most important part of nourishing your body to health. During our time together I will share with you my nutritional knowledge and my favorite products I have personally adopted over the years which are in accordance with your personal needs.

You are ready to take this step…

  • Had your Initial Consultation with me.
  • Are ready to start a strict diet for recovery.
  • Have an autoimmune condition or chronic illness.
  • Do you have food allergies/sensitivities?
  • Simply don’t feel your very best (emotionally, mentally or physically)?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start?
  • Do you have questions, concerns or hesitations in relation to eating?
  • Have tried different things but don’t seem to feel well no matter what you eat.
  • Feeling confused about what to eat that will be satisfying and nourishing.

Whether for yourself, your children or your entire family, dietary changes can be a great undertaking on top of our busy life schedules! Our emotions are deeply impacted by the relationship we have with food and changing what we eat inadvertently will have a direct effect on our emotions. However, implementing this change takes up a surging amount of energy. Replenishing your pantry with new groceries does not need to become an obstacle in your path to health. No need to feel alone in undertaking this task. I’m here to help!

Safe food pantry  – $60


About Safe food Pantry – In house visit:

  • Covid Restrictions will be observed with sanitation, mask and distance according to most recent regulations.
  • I will recommend some items to completely get rid of and will discuss the reasons why with you at the end.
  • Some items we will throw away, other will keep and others will store.
  • We will designate a special cover or box for items that can stay for use at a later time.
  • Lastly, if time allows we will discuss alternative items that can replace those items which don’t support your health.


Shopping guide – $60


About Shopping Tour

  • We meet at your favorite store and grocery shop together.
  • I help you with understanding food labels and come up with alternative choices that contribute to a holistic nourishing diet for you and your family
  • We discuss product quality in a discreet format.
  • I may point out beneficial products for your specific needs but mostly I enjoy answering your questions, regarding products you have in mind.
  • We will also discuss replacement alternatives for your favorite snacks and food choices which do not support your path to health.
  • We will walk through the store together and discuss the positive attributes of beneficial products. While keeping to the guidelines of your specific dietary needs as they relate to your current health situation.

Book Safe Food Pantry and Shopping Guide Together