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Jump Start Your Health Monthly Package $280

Initial consult not included – Must have Initial Consult first.4- 1hr sessions. Must be used within a 40 day timeframe.

This plan is for you if your desire is to return to a state of Balance. Do you feel a bit off your game and don’t know why? You believe that alternative, non-intrusive, ancestral ways are the best remedies of wellness for your body. You know that wellness is all about the body returning to homeostasis. When the body reaches homeostasis it naturally self regulates and achieves vibrant wellbeing! You will be supported spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically as you return to a balanced state of being; so that you can enjoy living your life in a well-balanced body, free of uncomfortable symptoms, aches and anxiety related to high levels of stress over your lifetime.

Book Jump Start Your Health Package + Initial Consult Together

($30 savings!)

Picking up from the Initial Consultation, how this plan will continue to support you…

  • Receive additional support if needed through: Homeopathy, Gemmotherpy, Bach flower remedies, Supplementation, Enzymes, Probiotics, etc.


  • Receive handouts and tips as you stay on track


  • Ask questions as they arise throughout your wellness plan
  • Have your plan tailored to your needs as your needs change


  • Stay up to date with diet & lifestyle personalized goals


  • Stay on track with achieving your goals

You will…

  • Feel clear and balanced of your current health state
  • Progress forward in your wellness plan
  • Witness quicker results in your wellness plan
  • Maintain internal balance physically and emotionally
  • Stay committed to your wellness 
  • Feel confident in your choice of wellness