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Initial Consult

Your initial consultation will provide pivotal information for the journey ahead. The questions you fill out will serve to guide the route to take. This information will serve to set small goals. These small goals however small they may seem, when followed through, will accumulate to unbelievable results! We will start very basic and slowly build up as we continue to work together towards attaining the desired results in accordance to your personal wellness plan.


This consultation is strictly intended to hear your concerns, see where you are at overall in health and see what your future goals are. We will not be able to solve all the concerns at this time. Just as many of the concerns did not develop all at once, neither will the healing that takes place. Just as the body sickens slowly, it also heals in a systematic way.

In this Initial Consultation…

WE will…

  • Ask questions and address personal areas of concern
  • Discuss Intake forms overview
  • Discuss Questionnaire graph analysis results
  • Develop incremental personalized wellness goals
  • Set up a personalized wellness plan tailored to your needs

YOU will…

  • Receive additional support if needed through: Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, Bach flower remedies, Supplementation, Enzymes, Probiotics, etc.
  • Have a clear understanding of your current health state
  • Have a defined diet & lifestyle personalized goals
  • Receive handouts and tips to get started
  • Feel confident in your choice of wellness