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Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety, as prescribed by a Homeopath
homeopathic remedies for anxiety


Homeopathic remedies for anxiety are some of the best solutions an anxious person could turn to while working in conjunction with a doctor. 


The concept of homeopathy originated with physician Samuel Hahnemann, who wrote the book the “Organon of the Art of Healing” He called this new medicine Homeopathy. In Greek, ‘omeos’ means ‘similar’ and ‘pathos’ means ‘suffering.’ The meaning of Homeopathy means ‘to treat with something that produces an effect similar to the suffering.”


Its practice strongly stimulates the body into achieving its balance state and therefore the elimination of undesirable, uncomfortable, sufferable and painful symptoms.  It is based on the idea that ‘like cures like’ and the law of similars. It is derived from plants, animals and minerals. It is made by diluting and vigorously shaking (succussions) at each dilution.  This action reduced its toxicity and increased its potency in producing a strong stimulus healing reaction. 


How does Homeopathy work?  

Homeopathy works by giving a remedy to an individual who exhibits the same symptoms the homeopathy would produce in an individual who was not experiencing any of those symptoms. It works under the understanding that ‘like cures like,’ also known as The Law of Similars.  In this way is similar to a vaccine only that it works in the energy state, not the physical. This doesn’t mean the remedy doesn’t heal the physical state (it does!)


The remedy itself is highly diluted so that the healing is more potent at various energetic levels, mind, body and spirit. Homeopathy works by administering a particular remedy which itself would produce the same symptoms when given to an asymptomatic individual.  


Is homeopathy safe? 

Homeopathy is safe when taken under a trained homeopath.   In the rare case of undesirable symptoms experienced, homeopathy is easy neutralized with coffee, chocolates, alcohol or high stress. Homeopathy is very sensitive and complex in nature and needs to be taken under the guidance of a trained homeopath.


What can and can’t be treated homeopathically? 

Unlike allopathic medicine which has grouped a set of symptoms together and gave them the name of a disease; homeopathy does not cure disease, neither does allopathic medicine, for that matter but that’s for another blog.  To answer what can and can’t be treated with homeopathy is important to understand the role of symptoms on the body.  Symptoms are simply the result of the body having an out of balance experience and unsuccessfully struggling to return to balance. Here it is where homeopathy is successful with ‘like cures like.’ With the understanding that ‘like cures like,’ a remedy is given, which matches the same symptoms being produced. 


In a way the remedy gives that last stimulus push, like getting the symptom over that threshold and thereby returning the body to balance; as it was struggling to do but unable to achieve on its own merit. Acute symptoms heal after than chronic symptoms. Homeopathy does not heal illness or disease, instead in brings balance to the body by healing the symptoms. Therefore Homeopathy has the ability to heal a vast majority of symptoms when under treatment with a trained homeopathy in Classic Homeopathy.  In the general sense homeopathy is effective in healing the physical, mental and emotional body. 


What do I need to know about homeopathic remedies? 

Homeopathy works and is effective. It has no negative side effects, in that sense is like trying something without a price to pay with your health. Like crystal healing, homeopathy is extremely particular and individual and therefore a difficult art to master. The homeopathy needs good training in homeopathy and will ask you a lot of questions which won’t seem very relevant to your symptoms. For homeopathy to be successful it needs a well-trained homeopathy who has studied the remedies well and who knows you also as well.  Your homeopath who is well trained will ask you a series of questions not merely to be noisy, but all these questions will have a purpose to find you the best possible matched remedy. Therefore a successful healing with homeopathy depends as much on you as it does on the well learned homeopathy.


It is worth knowing that homeopathy may not provide immediate results. When I started working with homeopathy, my homeopath told me flat out that he would do his best but there was a chance of some trial and error until we found the right fit. At the sound of this I was a bit astonished.  I had not prepared myself for the possibility of not being helped, at the same time I respected his honesty and humility.  This is still better than allopathic medicine which doesn’t heal; it merely represses the feelings of the symptoms. Investing time and resources with homeopathy will reap you rewards in health, now and in the years to come. 


“How has homeopathy helped you, specifically?”

I started with homeopathy while on the verge of depression. Homeopathy has helped me manage depression and anxiety; when allopathic medicine gave me such unwanted symptoms, that I decide it wasn’t going to be my medicine of choice. Since then I have also had success implementing homeopathy in many life transitions, cold symptoms, hormonal imbalance, panic attacks, body weakness, nervousness before meetings, insomnia, body aches, headaches, bloated, PMS, healing from surgery and more.  


Who are some of your inspirations in the homeopathic world?

Some of my inspirations in homeopathy are Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy. Georgy Vithoulkas who is my teacher and who I trained under, at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.  And lastly Ron Frank, who has been my homeopath for the last 8 years and inspired me to take on the study of homeopathy


Homeopathy for Anxiety

Homeopathy is extremely effective for balancing the uncomfortable symptoms associated with anxiety. Homeopathy is diluted to the point of secreting all toxins from the source and retaining its healing qualities. In this way the healing qualities of homeopathy serve to strengthen the nervous system. Homeopathy always works to strengthen that which the body is trying to express but can’t. When the body can’t express itself for whatever the reason may be, usually fear related, anxiety like symptoms manifest. This is where homeopathy shines! Homeopathy does amazing work in coming along the ‘anxiety’ symptoms and providing that last extra push they need to overcome.


The slight, gentle but direct push homeopathy gives is always in accordance and in the same direction the body is heading.  (Note that without the intervention of homeopathy at this time, the body will compensate by absorbing the impact of anxiety in a specific organ) Following this same path of direction serves to emphasize clarity in the body and the release of stressful confusion and helplessness that had originally led to the symptoms of anxiety. In this way homeopathic remedies for anxiety are very good, and preventing it from presenting itself physically later in the future, in the form of chronic disease


Is it safe to treat anxiety homeopathically? 

Treating the uncomfortable symptoms of anxiety with homeopathy is very safe under the guidance of a trained Classic Homeopath. One of the greatest things about seeking homeopathic remedies for anxiety is that it is non-habit forming unlike other conventional treatments. Homeopathy is derived from natural earth sources and it’s highly diluted, making it incredibly safe when taken under the supervision of a trained homeopath. 


Are there any side effects or risks to treating anxiety homeopathically?

There are no negative side effects when treating anxiety homeopathically. However, there may be a “healing reaction.” Depending on the sensitivity of every individual, the reason for the anxiety and the remedy selected. There may be a very slight and quick aggravation that occurs, right before the healing takes place. Your trained homeopath will let you know if this may be the case for you. The majority of people who have started to work with homeopathy for anxiety have stayed with it long term.  They realize the light aggravation that may last for less than one minute is worth enduring for the healing that takes place, without the permanent side effects other treatments may present. 


The best natural treatments for anxiety and how to take it

There are hundreds of remedies in homeopathy related to anxiety. Homeopathy is a complex art as there are varied types of fears as there are people exhibiting that fear. For example the fear of not having work to pay bills, eat and survive, will show up in different symptoms in every individual. Therefore there isn’t one remedy to give to all the people who are fearful of not having work.  Remember that homeopathy focus is restoring balance to the symptoms of the individual. The “disease” which is comprised of a “set of symptoms,” is not the as system that works well for homeopathy. This is why it is highly recommended to work with a homeopath trained in Classic Homeopathy. Homeopathy is highly effective in its ability to heal without side effects, individual in its ability to be specific from person to person and precise in its ability to directly target and restore the specified symptom to balance. 


homeopathic alternative medicines on a shelf

Homeopathic Anxiety Remedies

I will share here a few fear remedies that may be helpful in relation to our current events, as they relate to COVID-19. 

1.  Arsenicum Album – If this person may experience fears more closely related to financial safety and security, fears for own health and death. 

2. Gelsemium – These fears are related to anticipation feels it in the body as weak.

3. Argentum Nitricum – What if’s…What will happen, what’s next? All fears related to future events that have not yet manifested. 

4. Aconite – Anxiety that arrives from shocking events. Fears dead and experiences increased heart palpitations.


How long until you should start to notice a difference? 

The effectiveness of homeopathy for anxiety is usually noticed within ten minutes of taking the remedy. This can vary from person to person, whether it is chronic or acute and what the cause is. For instance, if it has been going for quite some time, the body may be very tired and depleted from the anxiety. The remedy may heal the anxiety, but the tiredness may still be present. A different remedy may be needed to help restore the energy to the body. At other times, it’s possible that several repeated doses of the same remedy may be necessary. (Note that repeated doses have no ‘healing reactions.’ The ‘healing reaction’ is only for the initial dose.) 


As the remedy helps the body return to balance, the body under stress quickly reverts back to its conditioned state. The good thing is that the healing remedy is known, it’s already at hand and quickly to take. In time the remedy will no longer be needed when taken continuously as needed without any side effects.  Also, it’s not uncommon for a person suffering from anxiety to need more than one remedy. As one aspect of the nervous system is restored, another area my show up more promptly and in need of attention. 



In closing, homeopathy is a very old form of returning the body to balance. It has been around since the early 1800’s and before vaccinations. Homeopathy is a science, made very precisely in laboratories from natural resources such as plants, animals and earth elements. However, homeopathy is constantly under attack from conventional authorities, who have a competing product to sell, which doesn’t actually cure, instead suppresses and creates new symptoms, new imbalances in the body.


For this reason, liability of information regarding anxiety and depression is high and may therefore seem limited on the internet. It’s very common for untreated anxiety to turn into depression, for a person to go back and forth between these two and for this state to eventually become suicidal. This is a very hot topic and one that can’t be taken lightly.


Homeopathy is super effective, it’s safe, it’s successful; but the only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself!  If you are currently struggling with anxiety please contact your doctor first, and only afterward, get in touch with your Classic Homeopath to return your body to a calm and balanced state.