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Gemmotherapy: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started



What is Gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy is the result tincture of young plants or embryonic plants. It is a field of homeopathic medicine, not unlike crystal healing or other naturopathic healing methods. The tincture includes the entire plant such as the buds, sprouts, rootlets, stems, roots and seeds.  The bud essentially contains within all of the undeveloped parts of the adult plant itself. Therefore, the tincture will include the concentrated benefits of the entire plant!


How does Gemmotherapy work? 

Gemmotherapy works by draining toxins from the cells through the excretory organs. 


It is preferred that the excretory organs be working clearly and at highest capacity so that toxic waste from the cells can properly exit the body. Gemmotherapy is effective do to its reach embryonic nourishment attributes and phytohormones.   Phytohormones are plan growth hormones (PGH) which are found in concentrated amounts in Gemmotherapy.  These are Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, Abscisic acid and Ethylene. 


Auxins are only found in plants and induce tissue regeneration through cell growth stimulation while reducing inflammation.  Gibberellins are plant growth hormone. Cytokinins provide cell protection to the cell at it divides and multiplies. Abscisic helps the plant adapt to its new stressful environment.  Ethylene modulates the proper growth of the plant all the way to its wilting state.  Therefore, all these beneficial components found in the plant are extracted from the young plant and delivered in concentrated amounts as Gemmotherapy. 


Is Gemmotherapy safe? 

Gemmotherapy is safe when used correctly according to the guidelines under a trained professional in Gemmotherapy. For example if the excretory organs have not been completely cleared and prepared for cell detoxification, than higher toxicity will only amplify in the organs with the usage of Gemmotherapy.  Whereas human stem cells have the ability to transmit viruses and genetic disease, plant stem cell which are also undifferentiated do not post such problems. 


The embryonic part of the plant is preferred as oppose to the mature plant because the latter is closer to the end of its life cycle and has been exposed to environment pollution for years by this time.  Similar to human stem cells, plant stem cells also poses within them plan growth hormones (PGH):  but unlike human growth hormones (HGH), plant grown hormones pose no risk for the possibility of cancer.  Therefore, plant stem cell is the safest and preferred method for detoxing the cell from excess debris and restoring to proper cell function. 


gemmotherapy plants nycim
image courtesy of New York Center for Integrative Medicine

What can and can’t be treated with Gemmotherapy? 

Gemmotherapy should be a precursor to any treatment. Much of the sickness today is derived from a very toxic body which has been in such state for decades.  Toxicity has been linked to body aches, inflammation, and genetic mutation among others. Cells are at the foundational building blocks of our tissue organs. Through cell to cell communication our organs do their jobs independently.  When they are sick by toxicity, they are unable to send clear strong signals and perform their jobs effectively. 


At this time the body compensates by overbearing other cells to take on the job. These cells that take on jobs they weren’t design to do can only do their best and never as well as the original cell which was created for the job to begin with.  Other times the body just has to do without theses cells that have been damaged and perform daily cell communication without the presence of imperative cellular connections taking place. This cellular toxicity, leads to cellular death and to disease. 


Therefore, detoxing the body at a cellular level is paramount to any treatment of disease.  The body cells should be detoxed before adding supplementation and allopathic treatment as this will increase the absorption and utilization of supplements and lighten the load on the immune system that may result from the treatment. An immune system that is not overloaded will go a long ways to aiding the body in healing with the support of supplementation as needed. 


What do I need to know about its remedies? 

Gemmotherapy, also known as plant stem cell (PSC) and is the most safe, gentle and effective way to drain the body from toxic waste at a cellular level. Furthermore, Gemmotherapy clearing the passages for detoxification will accelerate any additional detoxification from homeopathy and vitamins treatments.  Gemmotherapy is neither considered to be homeopathy nor herbal, but something in between and it synergizes very well with these two forms of modality practices.  Plant stem cells (PSC) do not pass on viruses, do they replicate genetic defects and they do not pose a risk for cancer to the human body. 


Compared to other forms of therapies, Gemmotherapy is considered to be the youngest among them. Its effectiveness in the role it plays is paramount to the recovery of disease. Cell detoxification, tissue drainage and phytohormone is the missing link between a deficient malnourished body and overweight overstressed society.  The cells cannot absorb supplements effectively and regenerate while they are full of toxicity. 


How has its practice helped you specifically?

I have been personally using Gemmotherapy for several years now and have experienced physical relief.  Specifically I used Gemmotherapy when I developed chronic fatigue syndrome. It really supported my adrenals and helped in reducing body inflammation do to physical and emotional stress.  It gave my adrenals the energy it needed to get through the day and to heal. Now I still use Gemmotherapy for my adrenal support from time to time on as need basis.  


Who are some of your inspirations in the Gemmotherapy world?

The buds of young plants have been used for healing the body since Egyptian times. It has been part of the European world of healing for a longer period of time. It has just recently made a strong comeback and thus seem fairly new in America today. 


Dr. Pol Henri started the study of plant buds in the 1950’s. However, it was Dr. Max Tetau who made further research and coined the term ‘Gemmotherapy.’