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Follow up – 1 hour stand-alone sessions

Initial consult not included – Must have Initial Consult first.

Your Follow Up session will be the meat of your healing plan! With continuous incremental goals as to not shock the body, avoid healing crises and prevent setbacks. The focus of Follow Up sessions is to see how you are doing with your new goals. What worked, what didn’t and why? We will continue to work with previews, goals or progress with new ones. Never to rush the healing process to take place. Keeping in mind that even the process of setting and attaining a goal is part of healing in the mental level of the body. This is not to be undermined, but is a very important part of the entire process. The work that takes place in the Follow Up visits depends entirely on you, what you bring and how you wish to move forward. I have prepared myself to the best of my ability to support you every step of the way! I have much to share with you and how far we work together once we embark on this healing journey depends on you, your dedication, motivation and the results you wish to attain.


It is best the Follow Ups are scheduled weekly at the beginning to get you off to a strong start, then bi-weekly as you keep your goals and are feeling well, then monthly and lastly as needed. This is your path to wellness. I will make recommendations as we work together, but please remember that ultimately the responsibility for healing is entirely yours.


This is your journey and your healing timing is perfect. I am here in service to you!

In this follow up, you will:

  • Feel supported and heard regarding concerns since last visit


  • Begin to integrate and assimilate your current health state


  • Follow a personalized diet & lifestyle plan
  • Receive handouts and tips to support your goals


  • Feel positive of the changes taking place in your body


  • Feel confident in your choice of wellness 

What you get:

  • A clear picture at your current health state
  • Personalized detailed intake form
  • Individualized photographical graph of your personal health needs


  • Clear direction on how to progress


  • Detailed and personalized wellness plan


  • Educational handouts throughout your plan
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual support throughout your wellness path
  • Bioindividual Food Therapy recommendations according to your needs, sensitivities and current diagnosis
  • Support through: essential Supplementation, Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, Bach Remedies, Probiotics, Enzymes and Body Energy work