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Crystal Healing: What It Is and How To Get Into It
Crystal healing and therapy setup


Crystal healing is an aspect within the realm of alternative healing that is greatly misunderstood.

This leads to a lot of confusion, not only about crystal healing itself but the practice of alternative healing (including nutritional therapy). This rough guide aims to answer some of the most common questions non-practitioners often ask about crystal healing.


How do crystals work?

Crystals radiate their light from the light they absorb.  This radiation is low in the light spectrum and not visible to the naked eye. Because each Crystal has its own unique geometric configuration, their radiation is always consistent in accordance to their geometric make up and intensity. Crystals radiating light interacting with the human body light or electromagnetic field, results in an exchange of communication from the specific Crystal geometric formation and the cellular energy or light receiving this new information. Crystals can have an influence in the human body according to their original formation, whether igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary, their unique geometric shape, their mineral formation and their vibrant colors. 


What is crystal therapy? 

Crystal Therapy works to restore an imbalance in the body using the energetic support of the specific information, each Crystal has to offer. Crystal Therapy is an art of information exchange between the Crystal and the human cells, via energy radiation from both. 


What is crystal healing and how does it work?

Crystal healing is the transfer of Crystal radiating energy to the human body energy. Healing with Crystals depends on the particular needs of the body and the particular information stored in each Crystal. Healing or balance takes place in the human body when the information of the Crystal selected, complements the deficit in the cellular energy of the body. 


How do you use healing crystals?

I use healing Crystals in my energy healing practice. I will take information of the clients needs/concerns. The client will lay in a massage table with clothes on. I will then select the Crystals that will be supportive in returning the clients into a balanced healing state. The Crystals will be uniquely placed in different parts of the clients body according to each individual needs as specified on the intake information.  


What do crystals do?

In this way, Crystals serve the needs of the client to release mental stress, restore emotional imbalance, boost the immune system and bring the nervous system to parasympathetic state.  They are effective in healing illness derived from all life transitions, traumas, fears of change and conflicts.


How long does it take for healing crystals to work?

Immediate effects of Crystals can range from a few minutes to several days and weeks, depending on the type of situation that needs healing. If it is something recent it will take less time, if it is something ongoing and/or traumatic, it will take longer. Specific time is unknown as this depends on the needs of each individual body and their receptivity to receive the healing energy light being emitted by the Crystal. Its possible for one body to be very open to the changes a healing will bring and for another person to take a little longer to adjust to the changes healing brings.


How to select your crystals

The best way to select your Crystals is to start with either the help of a book or intuitively. When you go to a Crystal store, the one you find yourself staring at is intuitively the one you can start learning about and getting familiar with. Another way is to look at books that have pictures of Crystals, spend some time reading about how they help and go from there.

Warning, Crystals are beautiful and addicting. Don’t worry if at first you feel like you are staring out slow and don’t know what to get. You may feel like you don’t know what you are doing. It’s very normal to encounter all these doubts in the face of such beautiful Crystals. Start slow and gradually work from there and you will see before you know it, you’ll be an avid Crystal collector!


How to care for your crystals

The care for your Crystals is a very diverse topic. I may sound a bit contradicting here at times but that is because not all Crystals are the same and therefore some need different care. While some Crystal’s energy needs to be cleared ever so often, others don’t. Some need to be recharged, others don’t. Some need to go under water via, faucet, stream or sea water, others don’t. Some like the sunlight and can clear their energy with the sunlight, but others do not like it as much. There are some things that are safe for the care of all Crystals, regardless their differences.


They all enjoy a moon bath! Setting them outside at night under the moon light, especially a full moon is a very safe and gentle way of caring for your Crystals. Do make sure they are set in a safe place and not be stolen or taken by rodents. Another way is to bury your Crystals in the earth! Of course they would like this, since is how they were originally formed. This would surely feel grounding and recharging to them. They can be carefully envelope in a light piece of fabric and covered in soil overnight. Just remember to place a mark where you buried them, so that you can easily find them the next day.  One last safe method of caring for you Crystals is to smudge them with sage. 


When to care for my crystals

Care for your Crystals after you have used them for healing or before using them for healing. If you are working with a particular Crystal over a period of time, clear it daily or rotate it with another Crystal to give it time to recharge. When not working you’re your Crystals, they can be placed away in containers, enveloped in natural fabric. They can also be left out for display, just be cautious of which are getting sun light; as some can change their color in the presence of sunlight while other can’t get enough of it. 


Why do my crystals need special care?

Crystals need clearing because just as they are transmuting energy while working with the light of our bodies, their energy can become dimmed from transmuting their light in healing. Just like our energy can feel tired after a day around a group of people. Taking care of your Crystals will not only help them last longer but will also keep their energy vibrant, strong and ready for next time you need their support in healing. 


8 Types of Crystals In Every Healers Medicine Kit 


1. Citrine

citrine crystal for energy yellow amber

Citrine is from the Quartz crystal group and it gets its yellow coloring from iron. Therefore we see Citrine being related to strength, power, clarity and energy metabolizer. Citrine brings in a new zest for life in an authentic way.  Citrine has a clear composition to bring about and restore self-empowerment, self-confidence and self-true authenticity to one self! It will clear away debris of confusion where one has lost touch with their true self. We can see this often happening in relationships of all types, whether work related with co-workers, romantic, family dynamics or school peer pressure groups.


When a person feels impose upon physically or with opinions, coerced, manipulated or domineered; Citrine will restore sense of self-empowerment. Whether in big group settings or relationships Citrine will help maintain a sense of self identity as to not lose track of one’s own sense of self boundaries. As Citrine supports this sense of self and releases the chaos of confusion surrounding us; it also brings mental clarity, the ability to make sound and quick decisions while lifting off mental depression and overall sluggishness. The ability of Citrine to support the sense of authentic self-identity while releasing confusion debris that no longer serves us creates the ability for well thought out logical discrimination in decision making. For best results try meditating with a Citrine crystal whenever faced with such situations. Citrine also makes beautiful jewelry, enjoy wearing it as a pendant, or bracelet! 


2. Rose Quartz

rose quartz crystal

Rose Quartz is the crystal that encourages new beginnings of matters in love. Love has many forms, whether spiritual, personal self-love, love in romantic relationship, love for new career or love for those who tend to be more difficult to love. Rose Quarts will bring clarity to the emotions without compromising self-authenticity. Where one has experienced betrayals, has put up high walls for self-protection and has difficulty feeling emotions, Rose Quartz will gently open up the passages to feel and to love ones again.  Whenever you embark on a new journey related to love, think of Rose Quartz.


Rose Quartz is great for crystal healing in that it will have a calming effect on your nervous system allowing you to tenderly feel as you unfold and open up from any past repressions associated with negative memories related to past hurts.  Rose Quartz will encourage in you the ability to trust yourself to love again!  If you feel emotionally restricted and blocked in regards to feeling, practice seating and holding your Rose Quartz while calmly breathing just for a few minutes at a time. Rose Quartz is also a beautiful crystal that can be easily worn as jewelry to receive its healing benefits throughout the day.


3. Ruby

ruby crystal healing

Ruby is a crystal with deep and bright red color. Just as it is deep with its color it also has this deep effect in us. Ruby brings forth the passions lying dormant in the depth of our being.  Ruby will re-enliven one’s body, view on life and outward expression of creativity. It will strengthen our ability to commit in our pursuits of interest in a flowing way without feeling weighed down from pressuring ourselves to over perform.


Ruby is the crystal that gives power, strength and bravery of the heart. At the start of any new passions which require bravery or when stepping into new territory that needs courage, Ruby will be the crystal of support for these new beginnings. It will encourage new adventures, spontaneity and creativity. These new beginnings can be in love, especially when related to the bravery it takes to open the door to love once having shut it for a while.


Ruby will encourage this new love through its ability to bestow bravery of heart to embark in such new adventure. This can also be related to taking on a new job or a new project. Ruby will bring forth that dormant creativity from the depth of our being and encourage its public display through supporting a brave heart as it relates to its nervousness and insecurities. Ruby will support the nervous system by restoring a sense of safety and security. Safe to be in this world, safe to be ourselves, safe trust, security to be in our bodies, secure to belong to our family, our community and ourselves.


4. Obsidian

Whenever the body has been exposed to any form of shock, this is the crystal of choice. The shock has frozen the person in time and they have dissociated from their experience as time did not provide the safe environment to process the sudden shock. This crystal is also formed in a similar state and it is rich in minerals, oxygen and gas, primarily silicon and oxygen among many others. 


Therefore in regards to shock, obsidian will assist in reuniting the person with the experience once more. At times a person may leave part of themselves in the dissociation, Obsidian will also support in reuniting this dissociated self with its present self.  


In addition Obsidian will also encourage the growth of self discovery and self integration by drawing to the front those less favorable aspects of ourselves. For instance have you ever found yourself blurting out some words and wishing to retrieve them just as they were coming out of your mouth? But all too late, you weren’t able to stop as all eyes were on you by then in expectation!  This happens when a person is not completely holistically integrated within themselves, granted this is a life long journey discovery. 


Therefore, Obsidian will provide a more holistic approach knowing who we truly are from the depth of dark to the outside where the light shines on us. This is the ultimate self protection so that we don’t fall victims to aspects of ourselves which are anxiously waiting for the perfect opportunity when we are having a good time and let our guards down to spontaneously surface and potentially harm ourselves and the ones we love. 


Other names Obsidian is known by are ‘rock glass and ‘volcanic glass.’ Historical obsidian was used in blades for weapons of war. 


5. Amethyst

Amethyst encourages an open heart and a balanced inner being while also providing protection from external stressors, whether in situations or related to unwanted drama with friends, family members or society. When in the midst of chaos, either conflict in relationships of all types or society upset; we may not be able to process the external stress and prefer to escape to our own quarters until it all blows up. In the midst of emotional survival Amethyst helps the person remain open and warm hearted, instead of rigid and withdrawn.  While also providing internal protection of not becoming emotional depleted through an internal balance of energy. 


Amethyst is big in crystal healing for balancing, clearing and cleansing; from life patterns, to emotional, mental and physical body.

Therefore, when we find ourselves in the midst of something longer than wanted or kind of stuck in a situation or thinking pattern, Amethyst will facilitate the ending of such situations, patters and cycles! Are you currently unhappy at a job,  relationship, or something else that you want to change but don’t know exactly how to go about bringing this changes, while focusing on all that stands in the way? Amethyst is here to assist in bringing these old patterns to an end. There may be some die off effect, such as experiencing grief over a loss of relationship or struggle financially while going to school or waiting for that new job. But Amethyst brings about this changes that are needed in our lives for the ultimate attainment of balance. Therefore Amethyst will assist in the ending of these old stuck patterns, which are causing distress to ultimately bring us into a more balance state of emotions, mentally and physically.


Simply have an Amethyst near you or wear one.  You may want to carry one in your pocket or purse, place one by your bedside, have it on your desk at work or wear it as a necklace pendant.


6. Calcite

calcite crystal for anxiety

Calcite encourages growth and action within the each of us.  It helps in the furthering of development, whether physical, mental or emotional. For instance is helpful in all aspects of mental and physical development during our physical growing years. It is also helpful in the emotional development at any age. Do you feel in a rut and uninspired? Calcite will facilitate the furthering of emotional and mental development through stimulating new fresh ideas and implementing them in your life with action!  Calcite also strengthens courage of the heart to bring about necessary growth to achieve stability in our lives. 


Calcite may be especially helpful when starting a new project, while at school or starting a new business. Anywhere that can benefit from inspiration of new fresh ideas and where immediate action is necessary to achieve a desire outcome. 


Having calcite around you can help to encourage the healing benefits of this crystal but wearing it, touching it and having it near your skin over a period of time will provide the highest benefits. 


7. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla crystal healing blue teal

The Native Americans worked with this ancient stone to strengthen the body’s defenses and calm the body’s emotions.


Chrysocolla has the ability to absorb and cool. This crystal helps the body in the process of absorbing physical pain, emotional disturbances and cooling tendencies such as reducing fever.  In relation to emotional disturbances, we may say, “that person needs to cool off” or “I need time to cool off,” so that emotional disturbance often show up as ‘heat’ in the emotional body field.  Chrysocola has a positive calming, and balancing effects on organs association with emotional upset, such as the liver and stomach.  In light of this crystal absorbing and cooling this excess heat while supporting the liver and stomach, we are better able to move forward in pursue of our passions despite our surrounding external difficulties. So this Crystal helps us move through difficult life obstacles in a calm balanced way.


8. Diamond

This is a pure and hard (strong) crystal that is not combined with any other elements. Therefore, this speaks to its clarity, purity and transparency. In the midst of confusion of who we are, what we believe, who do we believe, while in the pursue of truth, this crystal can been clarification to this questions. This Crystal will resonate with your inner truth and encourage the resurface of your true authentic self, where all outside noise (opinions) will subside and only your authenticated self be heard.


On the flipside it will encourage transparency within you. With the clarity of this crystal comes clarity of our actions and the current situations at hand do to our actions. The positive is that once we see the role we play in our current situation, the clarity of this crystal also clears the way on how to correct or realign our actions from here on for a better tomorrow and grant strength and courage to face the changes ahead. This transparency can be a difficult journey but the reward is coming to the core of who you are. This self-transparency can take on many forms.  One form I have particularly experienced it is in the releasing of belief systems that was deeply in grated within me since childhood. This belief systems had to do with cultural, political and religious believes. There is one believe system in particular I’m very glad and grateful to have released. The idea, ‘that if anyone outside of me believes differently than me, they must be wrong.’   It took me a lot to release this one, but it has created an amazing shift in my life, new people have come into my life and many have walked out.  Just changing this one belief that had been with me for a very long time changed my circle of friends and my future.  


The Diamond will encourage true authenticity as it relates to self-freeing from old beliefs, old agreements and restrictive rules that your inner soul is not in agreement with. The Diamond crystal healing process will cultivate a self-integrity lifestyle for you. Wearing a Diamond will overtime bring about living a life of true identity.