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Enhance AutoImmune Recovery with Bodywork!

Bodywork facilitates AutoImmune recovery

Raindrop Therapy and Chakra Energy are two restorative and supportive techniques for AutoImmune conditions.  Both of these enhance the alignment of the energy centers along the spine to further facilitate the mobility of energy and fluids. They facilitate relaxation to take place while allowing for the release of accumulated muscle memory stress. Emotional burdens, whether stress or fear base are lifted from the physical body. Creating harmony and space for recovery to take its place.  

Raindrop Therapy is applied with therapeutic grade Essential oils. While, Chakra Energy is literally the removing, clearing, balancing or charging the energy field that surrounds your body. Chrystals are also used in Chakra Energy work. To learn more visit my blogs about Raindrop Therapy and Chakra Energy Balance.

How Bodywork helps:

  • Bodywork serves to release stress from the physical body.
  • Support alignment and the release of muscle tension.
  • Through Bodywork stress that is accumulated in muscle memory can be addressed and released.
  • Release mental and emotional burdens.
  • Cultivating a positive relationship with your body is further enhanced when the body is in a fully relaxed state.
  • Calms the Nervous and Digestive systems
  • Has a positive well-being effect on the Immune system
  • Release mental and emotional burdens.

What you can expect:

This results in feeling lighter, clearer and with more emotional space to engage in a relationship. With fewer burdens, the body has the energy for better communication and relationship with itself. Once the Nervous System is at ease, the body is able to focus on correcting imbalances throughout the Immune System.

Which one of these is best for you depends on your personal preference, specific needs and current level of stress. Though they are both beneficial, they each are facilitated in different formats and address individual needs in different ways. 


 I implement these Spiritual Techniques in my practice because I believe in the therapeutic benefits of touch.  I do not manipulate  tissue nor make any adjustments to your body. I do not prescribe or diagnose disease as this belong to the pharmaceutical and health government agencies.  I’m an ordained minister from the Center for Sacred Studies, and this is my ministry to you. These Services are Offerings for the comprehensive recovery of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  May all the wellness that is your birthright return to you. Learn more about how I work here.