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Comprehensive Consultation

Your consultation serves two purposes. One is to gain an understanding of your current concerns, any diagnosis and what future wellness goals you have for yourself. The second is for you to feel at ease working with me and familiar with my gentle non-invasive holistic way of practicing.  This is a time I can answer your questions so that you can feel at ease, leaving all doubts aside and focusing on your wellness.  You are the priority and removing all doubt by having all your questions answered and concerns addressed, frees up mental and emotional space. This leaves you with more energy and mental clarity to execute your health plan.

Here are the topics we may discuss at your consultation:

  • Review all your concerns and answer all your questions. 
  • Review Assessment Questionnaire
  • Develop short and long-term goals that address the concerns mentioned at the consultation.
  • The underlying cause of AutoImmune
  • Remove Triggers from the Immune System
  • Breaking down nutrients
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Nutrients absorption
  • Gut permeability
  • Emotional stress
  • Comprehensive Meal planning

Your body will be fully supported through Autoimmune recovery

  • Lifestyle adjustments as needed.
  • Supplementation where deficiencies are detected
  • Easy to digest alternative food choices.
  • Facilitate breakdown of food with supplements when needed.
  • High nourishing meals
  • Stress support with Homeopathy and Gemmotherapy as needed.
  • Bodywork with Emotional Release Techniques
  • Herbs that support gentle detoxification

Create consistency & improve results with Packages!

Feel Secure in your commitment to your health when you book with Secure Packages. Secure Packages are here to secure consistency to the longevity of healing commitment for yourself. Investing in Packages means investing in your security to reap immediate, long-lasting and future health benefits. Just as your body breaks down slowly over time so does it also heal and rebuilds slowly over time. Therefore, investing in Secure Packages is not only practical and beneficial but is also highly targeted to your individual needs by providing the opportunity to go more in-depth into the root cause of imbalances in your body. During our time together we will do everything that is mentioned in the Follow Up consultation plus we will be able to implement some additional bodywork and homeopathy to support and enhance your recovery from chronic and autoimmune illness.

The RESTART Program is a 5 Week Group Class


Restart is the perfect solution to jump start your health in the most effective way. Not only will you finish the program full of education tools in the form of handouts but it really is the best possible investment you will ever make for yourself! This is conducted in group format setting. No more than 10 attendants. We meet in person or Online. We meet for 5 weeks, of which 3 we go sugar and refine foods free. We praise our success, encourage each other and experience what life feels like without sugar! Register for my next upcoming class or contact me about more information and here.