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Meet Johanna,

As a child I had chronic colds, congested nose and fever. I remember my parents worried sick over me and not knowing how to help me. In my teen years I dealt with much acne and painful menstrual cramps that would bring me to tears or cause me to sit at the nurses office until I got picked up. Later on I struggled with UTI, mastitis, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Of Course it took some time for me to come to understand the relation between stress and disease.


To me there is no doubt stress is the trigger for much of our physical illness today. Stress can come from within our bodies and from outside our bodies. It can be related to the body compensating for insufficient nourishment, environmental changes, allergies (food and pollution) and chemicals in foods we take in. There are many forms of stress! Now that I look back in my life I can see the correlation between the stress I was experiencing at each time of these ailments. As a child, I didn’t have much stress but I was very sensitive and easily picked up the stress of those around me as my own. I have now learned that stress is part of everyday life. I can never completely eliminate stress from my life but now I have the tools and knowledge that prepare me to nourish and sustain my energy when stressful times arrive.

Why I’m in the wellness profession:

I have chosen this path of work because it resonates with my soul. Human life is sacred, as THE Sacred lives in each one of us. It’s an honor to be in these bodies walking this earth and having this human experience. As such it is my passion to contribute to the regeneration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to health. Returning to Source, means to return to foundational ways of eating, of healing. Returning to Source means to embrace the natural elements that grow in our lands and use them appropriately to regenerate us from within.

Returning to natural, unprocessed, gentle ways, that harness regeneration from within, is returning to true self!

We will work together successfully if:

We can work well together if you believe that you are a complex multidimensional human being and that there is no one else in the world like you. If you believe your body’s way of healing is specific to you. If you believe in the complexity of your body and that no one approach is the be all in all. If you believe your body is sacred and are looking for the most gentle and effective way to wellness. You are dedicated to your healing path and I to my furthering education on your behalf.

Johanna’s Credentials:

Johanna holds the certifications of:

Her further studies include:

Johanna is passionate about raising the vibration of the body through:

  • Conscious food choices
  • Restorative Daily living practices and
  • High vibration modalities