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3 Month Intensive $780

Initial consult not included – Must have Initial Consult first.12- 1hr sessions. Must be used within a 3 month timeframe.

This is the best package when you are fully dedicated and committed to your wellness. The body is complex and needs to be nourished and supported over 12 weeks while it rehabilitates from the damage high stress has caused and learns a new way of being.   You are fully aware of the value of your body and understand that committing to the wellness of your body is just as valuable as the need to depend on your body to sustain your life.  Committing to a vibrant fortuitous life doesn’t happen by accident, it happens with purpose and commitment.  You are committing to your health and wellness through alternative non-intrusive, ancestral ways of living in a body free of uncomfortable symptoms, aches and anxiety related to a high stress lifestyle.  You well feel supported in your commitment to yourself through continuing to address emotional, mental and physical needs of the body for optimal wellbeing.  

Book 3 Month Intensive + Initial Consult Together

($140 savings!)

What you get…

  • Receive additional support if needed through: Homeopathy, Gemmotherpy, Bach flower remedies, Supplementation, Enzymes, Probiotics, etc.


  • Education handouts pertaining to your personal needs


  • Answers to all your questions throughout your wellness plan
  • Personalized time sensitive adjustments to your wellness plan


  • Stay up to date with diet & lifestyle personalized goals


  • Efficiently progress forward in your wellness plan


  • Stay on track with achieving your goals

You will…

  • Release old patterns that were inhibiting your progress
  • Achieve clarity and stability of mind, body and spirit
  • Witness long lasting results in your wellness plan
  • Maintain internal balance physically and emotionally 
  • Stay committed to your wellness 
  • Feel confident in your choice of wellness