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Restoring AutoImmune conditions so that you can feel at ease, safe and secure to live your life in Relationship with a body you trust.
Supporting your Immune, Digestive & Nervous Systems through gentle non-invasive holistic ways.
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Stress relief that supports AutoImmune recovery through Physical & Energetic BodyWork
Your Nervous System is supported through Raindrop Therapy and Chakra Energy work.
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Nutrition Therapy

Do you have an Auto-Immune condition and feel stressed about where to begin? I’m here to guide you through this difficult transition in a gentle and holistic non-invasive step-by-step approach of relating to your body, so that your body will respond positively back to you.


This begins with re-establishing the harmonious relationship between the Immune, Digestives & Nervous Systems. 

Your Immune system is currently under an immense and frustrating amount of stress. There is a lot to balance. A lot of confusion it doesn’t know what to do with or about. It feels pretty much the way you feel about it too. The confusion is real and there is good reason for it. It has taken many years, well your entire life to come to feel this way and it can no longer cope with the overload it now carries. 

Your Immune System is closely interrelated with your Digestive and your Nervous Systems. This simply means that it is highly affected by the health of your Digestion and your Stress level. This is why they are holistically addressed simultaneously while supporting your Immune system. They are not separate, not independent but intertwined with each other.  

Your emotional state, lifestyle and dietary habits are all equally important to your recovery. They are equally addressed to support the the recovery of AutoImmune symptoms. AutoImmune responds well to gentle non-intrusive holistic approach that calms and supports without causing further irritation to the digestive tract and immune system.

Meet Johanna

Here is where I share about my personal health journey with you. 

These may be indicative of Immune, Digestion and Nervous Systems disharmony.  I can help you re-establishing balance and harmony through natural holistic and gentle non-intrusive approach.

  • Abdominal pain or digestive issues
  • Body Inflammation
  • Allergies
  • Chronic congestion & sinusitis 
  • Chronic illness
  • AutoImmune
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Skin conditions
  • Fatigue/low energy/ lethargic
  • Weight issues
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Decreased sleep
  • Hormone irregularity
  • Irritability / snappy
  • Emotional instability / weepy



Body Work


Pantry & Shopping

RESTART is a 5 Week Group Class


Restart is the perfect solution to jump start your health in the most effective way. Not only will you finish the program full of education tools in the form of handouts but it really is the best possible investment you will ever make for yourself! 

Certified GAPS Practitioner

Gut and Psychology Syndrome makes the connection between digestion and the brain. This Nutrition protocol restores digestive function, AutoImmune, and may help with neurological & Psychiatric needs.

Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

NTA delivers is a science-based nutritional program. Focusing on reconnection to food inner wisdom to address bio-individual needs. 

AutoImmune Paleo Certified 

Auto-Immune Paleo. This protocol regulates Immune hormones and digestive systems by removing irritants from diet and lifestyle. It replacing them with nutritiously dense food alternatives, detox and healthy lifestyles