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Creating a world where people feel confident and empowered in a healthy, balanced body
Helping people through correcting nutrition deficiencies and reestablishing the body's energy supply, so that they can fully enjoy their best possible life and be their best possible selves!
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I help individuals recover from autoimmune conditions, physical anxiety and the symptoms of stress. Utilizing nutrition, homeopathy, bodywork and lifestyle changes, let me help you  reclaim your physical wellbeing so you can enjoy an abundant life.

Are you undergoing changes in your life which are causing major stress and anxiety symptoms?

Do you find yourself feeling drained and lethargic but don’t know why? Have you received recent news (medical, personal, family or worldwide), which directly affects you personally on an emotional, physical or mental level?

If you or a close family member is going through a life change crises, this can have a major impact on your overall health!

Life changes, Life transformations and Life crisis; can all take on different forms, but the results are the same. A major deficit in our overall wellbeing.

I suffered from underlying stress for years with lab tests always showing as normal. It has taken me over a decade to understand why I was feeling the way I was and how to feel better!  Let my guidance and experience be the shortcut you need to achieve optimal wellness.


Meet Johanna

Getting you started in your journey to feeling great is what I do best and the most rewarding aspect of what I do.

Life changes often show up as general symptoms associated with anxiety and depression and these symptoms reveal themselves in many physical ways:


  • Decreased appetite
  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Indigestion
  • Food cravings for sweets & refined foods
  • Mental fog
  • Fear due to uncertainty
  • Feeling tired, drained or lethargic
  • Autoimmune flare ups
  • Decreased sleep
  • Hormone irregularity
  • Irritability / feeling snappy
  • Body weakness
  • Emotional instability / feeling weepy
  • Lose desires for activities you once enjoyed
  • Feeling discouraged
  • Constipation / IBS

Autoimmunity and Stress

Cortisol is the major stress hormone secreted during stressful times. Cortisol weakens the tight junctions on the wall lining of the intestine, causing permeability of the gut. Gut permeability is also known as leaky gut which is associated with autoimmune conditions. Reducing cortisol levels by reducing stress is one of the most effective ways of reducing uncomfortable autoimmune symptoms. Stress can show up from your environmental, ingested toxins, lifestyle choices  and your diet.

At Expansive Wellness we look at autoimmune conditions in relation to stress in your current life. We collect detailed  information to form a comprehensive understanding of your current stressors. We can then significantly reduce these stressors so that your body has the opportunity to regenerate while feeling supported in a multifaceted holistic approach. 

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